Welcome to My Website

I hope you enjoy browsing through my paintikingfishers-on-blue-featherngs and other craftwork

Whilst I have always enjoyed being creative, my first real step towards being an artist was to join an art club shortly before retiring from teaching.

Much of my work is taken from the natural world and is generally produced from my own sketches and photographs. You will notice that I use a variety of media - I don't really have a preference, but one of my favourites is painting on feathers. This was inspired over ten years ago by a birthday card which I received from Germany. Many of the feather paintings I produce are quite small and the delicacy required to work at this size is quite a challenge.

Mainly self-taught, I currently belong to three local art groups. These groups provide the opportunity of workshops and demonstrations which inspire me to try new methods and ways to develop my artwork.

My creativity extends into other areas including handmade books, cards, calligraphy, earrings, and more recently felt work and lino-cutting.

Please contact me if you require any further information about my work.